In true open-mic style there is no pre-selection. Filmmakers can register in advance to secure a spot or show up unannounced with their new film.

The screening order is random and filmmakers take the stage after their film for a small QA. Filmonik is a platform for short films:

  • With a duration of 5 minutes or less.
  • Of any genre
  • Delivered as a 480p, 720p or 1080p MP4 file by submitting your film here or on a USB key/Portable HD on the night of the screening.

As a very loose guideline Filmonik likes best:

  • Non commercial work. No ads.
  • Fresh new films shown as a premiere. You can introduce yourself to Filmonik with back catalog but after make new films. You can also test a film in front of an unsuspecting audience before finalising it for a real premiere in a Festival.
  • Short films with the Filmonik logo at the beginning or end or the Filmonik screening number. [Download the logo here]
  • Self sustaining stories i.e.not episodic content like web series.
  • Films created in a non-competitve environment unlike films with creative restrictions made for a contest with cash prizes.


Ready to take the plunge and find your audience?
Register your films now at [email protected] – include your name, your film’s title, the running length and your screening format in the e-mail.