Filmonik Kabaret 2021 Screening 1 and Meetup

Join a group of ecstatic (and exhausted) filmmakers all premiering a short film they’ve made in the last 5 days in a shared production space. Some filmmakers had only 48 hour or 72 hours to execute their vision but some will be editing up to just a few hours before screening. Expect comedies, drama, suspense, some stop-motion, docos maybe, experimental stuff, trashy goodness and action. Short QA after the films give insight into the production.

Arrive at 8pm or even earlier to not miss the action. We hope we can start the films at 8:30pm

The Filmonik Kabaret is our yearly event, an all-you-can-film buffet of creativity where everyone collaborate on as many films as they can in a shared production space called the Kinolab at Siteworks. Chaotic magic happens until the first screening Wednesday April 21. Then, a second session of filmmaking starts on the next day. It’s a celebration of film, not a competition. No creative restrictions, no set teams.

Check our other events to get more details about Kabaret and how to participate.

Please note that Filmonik Kabaret participants have their entry fee included in their Kabaret tickets. Guests to the screening $7.