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Filmonik is volunteer-run since our beginnings in 2013. Our operating expenses every year have been higher than our revenues but the core team has chosen to put their own money in the group and effectively subsidise participation fees so it would stay as accessible and cheap as possible.  It is time to ask for more people to donate and every donation will be in line with the Filmonik mandate of supporting filmmakers in the production and screening of independent short films. Our main production event for filmmakers, cast and crew is the yearly Filmonik Kabaret that invites 40 to 50 participants in a creative hub. Participants are not selected and it’s open to everyone. 20-25 short films per year were produced collaboratively during the Kabaret events in 2017 to 2019 and some went on to be screened in many other local and international festivals. We’ve been running a monthly open-screen short film screening since 2013. These screenings have a more hands-off approach in production but are now an essential filmmaker stop in Melbourne to showcase their latest work and organise their next shoot.

Our operating expenses are mostly:

  • Loop hire fees for monthly screenings.
  • Meetup organiser subscription ($350 AUD per year).
    Kabaret space hire fees.
  • Kabaret screenings venue hire.

With the COVID-19 situation the Loop hire fees will be gone for a while but will be replaced by

  • A livestream service to stream our monthly screening on multiple platforms at the same time.
  • A personal livestream service to maintain autonomy.

Donations will go towards these basic expenses plus offering more services and more space during Kabaret events for the same ticket low ticket. We believe in an event that stays accessible for low-income artists and believe being able to provide more services will inevitably lead to more creativity, more possibilities and better, far-reaching films. A bigger donation would mean you have a part in financing the production of 20+ short films.

The Filmonik Team

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