Learn to Edit (Without Hurting Your Hip Pocket)

editing-film11Filmonik is a community of film makers, and we’re all about giving people the skills & tools to make short film magic happen.

This fantastic tip came in from one of our newest Filmonik recruits who is learning to edit at the moment.

Adobe Premiere Pro, and the whole CC suite is installed on public computers for free use if you are a member of the Melbourne City Library Network.

Being a member of the Melbourne library network is also free, and you can join online in under 2 mins. So just do it already!

The Makers Lab (Level 2) at the Library at the Dock have 8-10 iMacs and we have it on good advice that you can nearly always get one. They often run free courses between 5pm and 7pm.

The new Kathleen Syme Library in Faraday Street Carlton where they have two iMacs installed with the CC suite.

If you are a Melbourne City Library member you can also log on to “Lynda” E-Resources and do all their video courses from home. These are extensive and Adobe Premiere Pro has over 50 different courses available in 1-2 hour tutorials.

Where do you like to edit your films?

What are your tips for learning to edit on a budget?