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Ten Top Tips for Making Great Short Films

Filmonik is am open-screen film night, where once a month we get together and share films and encourage each other to improve our craft.

Every month there’s popcorn, giggles, great short films and sometimes a little disorderly-ness.

It’s open to all and we would love to see you at our next screening. Yes, you!

Here Filmonik film makers & actors compile their 10 best tips for making great short films:

  1. Unlike most things in life, don’t hold back when acting on film
  2. Approach the editing suite with an open mind
  3. Approach the shoot with an open mind and a spool of duct tape
  4. Keep It Simple Stupid – don’t overcomplicate things
  5. Be creative – you don’t need to show everything, just convey a feeling, and that, my friends, can be done for very little money!
  6. Get organised – make sure you have planned as much as possible before the shoot
  7. No matter how tedious it may seem, or how bad you are at drawing (tugs at own collar) make a storyboard and a shot list. Then make sure you get them all during the shoot, so that in the editing suit you have choices. Choices!!
  8.  Say the lines like no-one is watching
  9. If you are short on story ideas, choose an amazing location and let it do the talking
  10. Don’t be scared – every single thing you produce improves your craft


To see the fabulous short films that Filmonik Film makers produce, come along to our next screening as part fo the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Filmonik 24

“Made In Melbourne” Film Festival at our Next Screening for #MFringe

There really isn’t anything we ♡ more than a film made in Melbourne.

So we are super excited to have the folks from the Made in Melbourne Film Festival along to our next Filmonik screening.

Made in Melbourne submissions are now open – so get submitting, you talented film folks!

Doubly appropriate is the fact that it’s our special edition Filmonik, which is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

What better way to celebrate the swathes of talent in lovely Melbourne-town?

See you at Loop Project Space, September 28, 7pm.

Filmonik 24



Nelson Walkom to Play at our Fringe Festival Show

promo pic

The fabulous independent musician Nelson Walkom will be playing at our next Filmonik as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival!

If you haven’t heard Nelson’s refreshing electric guitar work accompanied with spine-tingling downbeat lyrical content we recommend you do, stat!

Nelson is is currently performing songs from his new E.P ‘untitled 2015’ around Melbourne.

Catch him at our show 7.30 pm, September 28 at Loop Project Space.

Our Melbourne Fringe Festival Screening

Filmonik Melbourne, the city’s only open-mic short film night, will be having our special Melbourne Fringe edition!

We’re proud to be a part of the 300 events involved in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, celebrating this fabulous cities emerging talent.

So this is a call out to all you Melbourne based filmmakers, procrastinators and originators to bring their short films to share. Bring your friends, bring a taste for innovate short films and be ready for some good times!

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions, or to book your spot to screen. Theres only room for 50 guests, so be there by 7pm.

Be sure to come earlier if you are bringing your own short film with you. We do however request that all short films be five minutes or less, sadly no DVDs.

As always this will be a free event, so join us from seven for a seven thirty start and come and enjoy delicious blend of fresh short films, pop-corn, trivia, cinephilia plus a special performance from Nelson Walkom!

Tell us you are coming.

Find out more.Filmonik 24

Filmonik #23 is cancelled …

Wonderful peoples – I’m sorry to say we have had to cancel tomorrow’s filmonik.

We’ve had a double booking at the Wilde that only just came to our attention, and being the gracious folks we are, we’ve cancelled our event.

If you are around get in touch with the Filmonik team via facebook – we’re holding a planning meeting for our next filmonik as part of the Fringe festival, which I tell you, is going to be huge!

So save those fabulous film ideas for Monday September 28. See you then !



Ready, Set, SCREEN!

i heart short films

Sure, sure, we’re all film makers nowadays, carrying everything you need to make a film in our humble pocket.

But nothing compares to that feeling that you get when you show your film and the audience actually gets it.

Or at least, that’s what people tell me is possible if you can actually make a good film, instead of being able to write a lame self referential web post, which seems to be what I bring to the Filmonik team.

Ahem, back to the point.

We’re a community of film makers (with the stray lame web post writer) and each month we screen short films.

You are a director, a film maker, an actor, a musician, a foley artist, a producer, a boom artist, a broom artist, a punter or any combination of whatever-the-hell-kind-of-title you want.

Bring your film and we’ll screen it.

We give out challenges and collaborate together to master the sheer sorcery that is a great short film.

There’s also popcorn, music, lovely creative folk and, of course, lame web post writers.

This month the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) is coming to show a short and talk about the fabulous-ness their festival supporting independent and guerilla local and international cinema.

Honestly we can’t e-muff of the films they show and we are thrilled to have them along to Filmonik.

Where: The Wilde Bar & Eatery, 153 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
When: 6pm, Sunday, August 30
How much: absolutely FREE !

Save your place for a film and register by emailing [email protected]




Where The Short Films Are : Filmonik #22

Proving you can shot anywhere

Max: Hey, Claire. Wanna see something great?
Claire: [on the phone] Who else was there?
Max: It’s a short movie! I made it.

Come down to the Wilde Sunday July 26th … it’s where the short films are… and we’ll prove that you can make a short movie anywhere.

Where: The Wilde, 153 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
When: 7pm, Sunday July 26th
Register your film: [email protected]

We’ve got some very special guests this time – fab folk from the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (MDFF) and West Side Shorts are coming along for a chat & showing their own shorts.

As usual, there will be revelry, talented short film makers, challenges & of course, popcorn.