About Filmonik Melbourne

The city’s most inclusive film night.

Filmonik Melbourne’s open-mic film night is the only of its kind in the creative city of Melbourne. Filmmakers register in advance to screen their newest shorts at the next night, sight unseen.
There is no-preselection, no prerequisites, and no hard and fast rules. Filmmakers are only encouraged to keep the films short and include the Filmonik logo in the end credits just for our screening.
Filmmakers turn up with their films on the night, introduce it personally and then stick around to discuss their work with the audience and filmmakers alike.

Creative and Non-Competitive

Despite the edge-of-the-seat atmosphere, Filmonik Melbourne is refreshingly non-competitive. We are truly an open platform both for experienced filmmakers and those just finding their feet as storytellers. Filmonik Melbourne promotes collaboration between all filmmakers, with emphasis on the opportunity to learn from each other.
As both veterans and first-timers bring their new films to Filmonik, the mix of shorts every night is diverse, exciting and daring. With such a broad spectrum of short films, Filmonik Melbourne is a genuine reflection current output of the creative community in the city.

A Night Out

Audiences don’t only get to see fresh films from their city and rub shoulders with their favourite Filmonik filmmakers – popcorn and live performers abound as well. Each month will feature a live performance and snacks with entry. There will be plenty of time to chat, flirt, tell stories and exchange ideas. With a bar at the back, Filmonik Melbourne isn’t a cinema, it a truly a night out.

International Network

Filmonik Melbourne is a partner of the already booming world Kino movement, which started in Montreal in 1999. The Kino brand has since been exported worldwide, with cells popping up across North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The binding philosophy is the belief in filmmaking with minimum resources in a collaborative environment.


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